Investment bank Piper Jaffray examines the shift away from Facebook and towards Instagram and Twitter.

Social Media Prism

In a twice yearly survey of the teenage consumer spend patterns, Investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray examines a research pool of 7,200 consumers, average age 16 years. Their findings help their account service teams to advise major clients of likely future trends.

The October, the key finding has been a shift away from Facebook towards Instagram and Twitter. In just 6 months since the spring, Facebook fell by 27%. Twitter usage also fell but only by 4%. Instagram was the biggest beneficiary of 7%.


For marketers of products aimed at an older audience, these findings of course represent delayed action. They are the adults of tomorrow. Facebook will represent a viable social media tool to communicate with consumers, manage customer sentiment and generate good SEO for a brand, but Twitter per this survey, represents a more stable communication platform for both today and tomorrow.

67% of those surveyed own iPhones and 73% of those expect their next mobile to be an iPhone.


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