Some individuals are born to rule.
Our brand ambassadors have passed strict criteria to represent us online and at special client events. They join the likes of Angelina Jolie, ambassador for the UN and Shakira, ambassador for UNICEF.

Brand Ambassadors

Amber Qureshi, London, UK

Gohar Telumyan, Armenia

Karina Nieto, Buenos Aires, Argentina @KarinaNieto6

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What’s a brand ambassador?

Brand Ambassadors are a long established position and you see them everywhere. When you visit any industry event, exhibition, fashion show, product launch, sporting event or concert, you will see Brand Ambassadors hard at work. They are the energetic men and women handing out brochures at Mercedes Benz, samples at Cadbury’s, answering questions at IBM and helping VIP’s find their seats at a Versace fashion show.

Brand Ambassadors represent the multi-million pound corporations and charities, putting a human face on them. Ambassadors represent the smile and handshake of the company and are what clients and suppliers remember when they think of the brand.

But the best thing about Brand Ambassadors is that they are ordinary people. A good brand learns to elevate them to the level of superheroes for they are the strength of brand reputation.

A Brand Ambassadors role is desired by many and most companies or charities have a long list of those wishing to be considered. This is because in today’s climate, an ambassador role is similar to an internship. It is a way to gain valuable work experience and benefit from a company’s expertise and training. It looks great on a CV because it shows employers that other companies trust this person to represent their brand. In today’s culture of rapid job changes, we rarely have a job that lasts more than 3 years on our CV. But a person can remain a brand ambassador for many years because the requirements are low and only if you’re available (i.e. part-time). Ambassadors also benefit from client giveaways, left-over demo products, tickets to sold-out gigs etc.

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