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Personas Success

By |November 2019|

Gorillas have personality, you just need to get to know them.  Customers can also be put into personality segments and given one photo to assign attributes to that segment.  They are called personas.

A persona is a tool used by advertising media agencies like YouCom Media, to characterise customers into segments by creating a fictional person.  […]

Drip or Burst?

By |October 2019|

Speed is the question as often as it is the answer.  With advertising, do you run a fast short campaign (a ‘burst’ strategy) where the frequency of advert exposure is high over a short period?  Or do you run a slow long campaign (a ‘drip’ strategy) where your advertising is going out less frequently but […]

Brand Location

By |September 2019|

Many aspects of retail marketing vie for position of prominence.  But brand location has to be the most important decision-making factor.  Marks & Spencer’s once had a property portfolio of £1.2bn where 96 percent were freehold assets.  Inevitably when a new CEO takes over and seeks a quick fix to problems of poor sales, they […]

Yarn Bombing

By |July 2019|

Guerrilla Marketing is a form of advertising that can be highly effective. It is where a company uses unconventional and often unexpected interactions with the public that promote a product or service or brand. Yarn Bombing is one form of Guerrilla Marketing. In short it is where pre-crocheted squares or other large segments of material […]

Promotion Marketing

By |July 2019|

Sales promotion is bigger in the UK than advertising often with engaging replica items used to promote the product being sold (such as Transformers, The Last Knight pictured here).  Sales promotion is a ‘below-the-line’ activity used with customers, distributors and suppliers as well as with the company’s own staff/salesforce.  Promotions can be used for both […]

Review Marketing

By |December 2018|

Deloitte state that 81% of people read a review and check ratings. Consumers have more information available to them than ever before with specialist apps and directories. To overcome this, brands have been using social media to pull consumers toward their products. But when it comes to trust, many people prefer to turn to their […]

Packaging Sex

By |November 2018|

With many retail outlets now automated (think the Costa Coffee machines in service stations), packaging becomes your sales person and your advertising.  Good packaging creates a personality to the brand and creates a link with the buyer.  Brand association is also achievable with packaging design.  The square foil wrappers of Durex condoms for example make […]

User Experience

By |July 2018|

Brands live or die by user experience.  User Experience is how consumers interact with your brand on your website or social media site (or indeed interaction in any form).  Brands often turn to agencies for user experience testing, finding that something as simple as where a ‘buy’ button or ‘next’ button is positioned, can make […]

Buyer Behaviour 2

By |June 2018|

All is not quite what it seems when brands look at the consumers of their products. Some consumers simply ‘copy’ their friends to be like them. Others deliberately choose to be different. The decision-making process is complex and led to a whole large module of marketing under the heading buyer behaviour.  Many buying decisions are […]

CRM Too Personal?

By |May 2018|

When are brands saying too much?  Customer relationship management (CRM) is about retention and lifecycle value. Brands want to keep their customers and help them spend more. Retention marketing is a skill using different marketing messages. It is something brands do in-house with or without the help of an advertising agency. The key to CRM […]