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“Tokyo is a Jungle, anything can happen and nothing is lacking” – J.Bouré

From humble beginnings in Chiyoda City, central Tokyo, YouCom grew alongside famous brand names. In the middle of Chiyoda is the Imperial Palace. To the south are the Kawasaki and Yokohama districts.

In 2007 YouCom diversified into IT recruitment and media advertising. Following a venture in hospitality aviation, we found an international partner in 2012 and launched a UK company, YouCom Media Ltd. In 2020 our London UK EMEA head office moved from Devonshire Square to the 100 Bishopsgate tower where we now occupy the 18th and 19th floors.

Our Offices

Our People

We are simple and reliable. Originally a family firm, we still project family values. We strive for excellence and earn our clients loyalty by delivering great campaigns that lower the CPC or CPA and generate business growth. Simple.
You deliver a brief and we work to exceed it.
Because it’s your ROI.

Our Vision

A company’s ethos, its reason to exist, can be explained by its vision. A vision is a statement of what a company aspires to achieve in the long-term. It is the ‘north star’ that guides you, giving you direction and a sense of purpose.


“To work with brands we believe in, to create a future where those brands can deliver a better service or product to help improve the way we all live.”

When our clients succeed, millions of people will have what they need, when they need it. Our suppliers are also brands and the future must work for all of us. Our vision drives revenue for our partners whilst improving the market for future generations.
This is our North Star.

Our Mission

A mission is a statement of business scope, purpose and operation.  It informs others about what’s important to the company and how they operate.  A mission details how the vision will be achieved.


“We will make a difference in the world by achieving excellence in ourselves to manage advertising for clients and create growth through loyalty.”

Our mission will:

  • Create growth for our clients by attracting loyal customers.
  • Contribute to the growth of our suppliers by fair trading and promotion.
  • Maintain stable account teams by personal growth for each YouCom employee.

Our Values

A company’s core values give staff guidance on how they are to behave when representing the company. They are the areas of focus which your staff feel will best deliver the corporate mission. It is vital your staff choose the values for it encourages acceptance of them.


Be better than good. Be better than yourself

When people need your help, a quick response is always appreciated

We are stronger together. Understand everyone’s life is important to them

Just because others give up, doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed

Believe in your neighbour. Adjust to winds of change, to help not hinder

Find a way to be excited by your work. The day goes quicker

Choosing company values

Choosing company values