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To oversee staff transition and recruitment to our UK EMEA brands, YouCom 媒体日本 appoints Jan White as Head of Personnel. We know our clients are only satisfied when our staff are the best they can be.


These quotes are from the careers pages of several large media agencies;

“We can do this! Here we ‘rock-the-clock’, we all work with bravery & kindness”

“We believe in ‘future-forward’, ‘community-inclusion’, ‘the diverse universe’.”

“If you join us you need to care about volunteer work as much as you care about your job”

Really? Why do they talk like politicians seeking your vote? What’s wrong with saying “we have great jobs and here are the benefits”? At YouCom, there is no confusion. Simple good benefits. Straight-forward jobs.

Your Career Path

Your Career Path

You Apply

YouCom works differently. Follow YouCom on LinkedIn. We keyword search our company followers for each new job, so we will then see your live ‘digital CV’.

Afterwards you may email:

You Progress

Each new starter receives a progression path. This shows your next three roles, their salaries and the things you would need to learn to progress.

These four are an account team. Can you guess which is the Group Account Director, the Account Director, the Account Manager and the Account Executive?

You Review

We don’t forget the anniversary. We have salary banding with clear intervals and each year we review your salary. Your progression path shows you the way.

You Earn

Many agencies award bigger bonuses to higher earning staff. But at YouCom every employee has an equal share of a performance bonus. So that’s salary + bonus.

You Benefit

We promote based on performance not seniority. Clients necessitate core hours but you choose if you start early or late. Guided working from home.

“I promise to referee the players in this team. To prevent bullying or discrimination, to punish rule-breaking, educate you, protect you and help you with training.  All you need do is talk with your teammates and the referee.

You must also learn what no HR person will tell you.  That as players do well, their value to the team increases and the employer will want to keep them. They won’t be exempt from rules but HR know they must help to keep them playing unless there is good evidence of wrongdoing (that is not a result of provocation or enticement).

YouCom is honest & open.”