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Direct Response SEO

Direct Response SEO

The UK EMEA head office has appointed a new Head of our Direct Response dept. Our Direct Response staff achieved the UK’s first pay-per-response media on and BT Phone Book to lower client advertising spend & increase client ROI & SERP’s.


  • Agencies buy media for many brands (cheaper for you)
  • We start with a direct response campaign to deliver fast results & gather data
  • Direct response advertising is measurable, delivering either calls or clicks (tbc).
  • All our campaigns have an agreed ROI target with the media (they deduct budget only when their advertising brings you a call or a click)
  • Proven to improve your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Visible results: New 1st page Google results displaying yellow review stars.

Business Listings

Store details change constantly. Mergers, acquisitions or just store promotions. There are hundreds of local directory sites. We manage store info changes across the web as part of the direct response campaign.

Free SEO

You work hard on your website SEO. But is your website the only result that appears on a Google search?

We have years of working with media networks that operate hundreds of local directory sites. We use local keywords, content marketing, unique content & AMP strategy to ensure our directory listings are indexed by Google for first page results

Pay by results

A good direct response campaign should ensure the media owner only charges you if the advert performs. This delivers approx. 55% lower cost per call. Plus the publishers give your stores greater visibility because they now want you to get more calls/clicks so they can be paid. This increases sales.

We are now the official UK reseller of pay-per-lead advertising on 2 large networks

Sales. Not Yext

API services (like Yext) manage your store data across business directories. But you know this will only correct store details (opening hours, address, telephone). Yext do not ‘need’ to drive sales for you or give you 1st page Google results.

Google don’t display Yext managed directory results on a local search because it sees API data as identical content. But a direct response listing managed by an agency has carefully varied content.

Quick SEO results

The search engines have given ‘trusted data’ access keys to the information from directory sites (they know these sites provide reliable results). There are also preferred partner agreements such as Yelp’s $1m USD contract with Yahoo.

So any change we make to a directory listing will be seen in Google up to 6 months faster than a change to your website. Shhh, don’t tell your manager…


YouCom has hundreds of registered blog writers to help improve the page authority of individual store pages on your website. This increases your external links and social shares.

Higher page authority means Google chooses your store pages over your competitors. Your YouCom account team organises brand influencers with high domain authority blogs to backlink to your store pages and the business directories.

Content Marketing

YouCom has used local area content writers to improve the store pages and gateway pages of clients as large as $9bn in turnover.

You need Google search results for every town. Use our time and our expertise to improve your SEO with content we know to work on specific town searches (free trial).

Better keywords and content means better Google results.

Direct Mail

The BT Phonebook remains under Government contract (like the Royal Mail) to deliver to 20 million UK homes. Clients want to have an advert or insert in this directory because they only pay for good sales leads (20 million homes!).

This produces a lower cost-per-sale than search or PPC.

We also run leaflet inserts and local direct mail campaigns

Market Research

Our marketing handbooks are hundreds of pages of detailed research to see how your products will perform in different locations. We work with focus groups, consumer behaviour studies, surveys and predictive modelling. What research have you had from your current agency?

Data Marketing

Customers do Not like freephone 0800 numbers (they think it will be a call centre). They know their own area code and want you to be local. It increases response rates & sales.

We provide local telephone tracking across the EU. You may be familiar with some of these area codes; UK (0208 or 0203 for London); FRANCE (01 for Paris); HOLLAND (020 for Amsterdam); SWEDEN (08 for Stockholm); DENMARK (03 for København); BELGIUM (050 for Brugge); GERMANY (0211 for Düsseldorf).

Creative Design

YouCom have some of the industry’s top Copywriters and Art Directors. The production quality is high, their dialogue clever, the colour palette unique and the final advert, memorable.

Because it’s your ROI

Because it’s your ROI