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Waze Data marketing

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Waze is a geo-navigation app for smartphones and tablets. It provides real-time traffic updates generated by users. Crowdsourced data seems to be the modern trend and is a sure cheaper way of populating an app or website. Waze was created in Israel, funded by an American venture capital firm Bluerun Ventures, and as is the fate of most start-ups was eventually acquired by one of the big data marketing firms, in this case Google, toward the end of 2013. Google apparently paid $1.3 billion to buy Waze meaning each of the 100 employees received an average of about $1.2 million.


Waze won the Best Overall Mobile App award in 2013 beating such big names as Dropbox and others such as Flipboard. It supports Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Mobile from version 5.


Recently launched, Waze version 3.9.4 for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod now tells you details about the route ahead. A new traffic bar is designed to track your progress as you slowly inch along the road. A visual guide to how long it will take you to escape from all that traffic.



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