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Summerland is coming to the UK.  Summer is a 27 day festival developed by the team behind Glastonbury Festival’s naughty corner and is expected to run at a secret location in London


Summerland with YouCom Media

The organisers of Summerland hope to create a holiday getaway in the capital equipped with a jungle, waterfalls, hot tubs and live DJs.  Each day Summerland will have four hour tickets available for the Winter-weary to come and experience summer by a tropical waterfall surrounded by the beach.  Sand between your toes, entrants will sit underneath an artificial sky that goes from dawn to dusk, and on through the night (think of the film The Truman Show).  After all, who wants to experience summer under a grey English sky?  That would be as foolish an idea as Disneyland in Paris.


Summerland with YouCom Media

Any event that attracts large numbers will attract advertisers.  YouCom Media offer event marketing services and see that Summerland has already attracted attention from leading brands such as Rubik’s Cube and Coca-Cola.


The event organisers show further project management excellence by dividing the shows so that the daytime tickets focus on families for little Johnny and Isabelle to build sand castles and eat ice-cream while mummy and daddy enjoy alternating turns with yoga, massage and wellbeing.


Summerland Night Party by YouCom Media

Then there are the night time show tickets.  These are more ‘Bahamas pool-party’.  UK visitors will see a stage created within the rocks next to the main waterfall on top of which a DJ will be mixing the decks at.  Hot tubs will be positioned by the stage.


There will be characters wandering the arena copying the Disneyland experience.  However just like a festival or a holiday resort, you can walk around where you please.  You can bet there will be Tropical huts covered in palm leaves selling Caribbean food and cold lager n’ lime.


By using the event marketing equity crowdfunding model, it means that the people who love the idea actually get to own part of it.


Summerland Tickets by YouCom Media

Summerland will be the first festival that is equity crowdfunded.  Seedrs have now created an investors forum and YouCom Media has the link for you to be in with a chance to get involved as a shareholder for only £10.



Summerland Tickets by YouCom Media

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