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Digital Behaviour

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To meet performance targets and objectives, marketers must understand consumer’s digital behaviour.  Are your customers spending more time on their tablets or their smartphones?  On their desktops or their laptops?

Despite all the media coverage about how consumers like instant news wherever they are, computers still count for 66 percent of the time spent by people reading online news whereas mobiles count for less than 20 percent.


What stage of the lifecycle do you target your messages?

In addition, marketing staff need to analyse what stage of the buying cycle to target which message.  Consumers spend the greater amount of time researching a new purchase on their mobiles, but the majority still make the final purchase on their computer or tablet.  It seems we need the bigger screen when making a commitment to buy.


Should you have a cross-device advertising approach?

Consumers generally prefer bigger screens for video, computers for the purchasing stage, mobiles for location-based services and research, with wearable media for sports.  But brands shouldn’t think they must employ a cross-device advertising approach, it may be that just mobiles or just tablets are enough depending on the product and the intended outcome for the consumer.


Which device does your target market most prefer?

Consumers accessing health related services and products (think visits to the NHS website) do so using their mobile with a concrete 82 percent choosing that device.  67 percent use their tablet to look at properties.

Government websites are visited by computer users commanding 83 percent of activity from that device type.  Only 22 percent of consumers use their tablet for shopping, versus those using their mobile or laptop.

But for entertainment including YouTube, Netflix and Spotify or shopping and books, the type of device is evenly matched.  Therefore, brands targeting these industries have the choice of a more device neutral approach.


At YouCom Media we will plan your campaign with you, adjusting messaging to the devices most likely favoured by your target audience at the stages of the customer lifecycle necessary to achieve success.


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