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Brands live or die by user experience.  User Experience is how consumers interact with your brand on your website or social media site (or indeed interaction in any form).

Brands often turn to agencies for user experience testing, finding that something as simple as where a ‘buy’ button or ‘next’ button is positioned, can make all the difference between a 12 percent click-through rate and a 90 percent click-through rate.


The ISO 9241 covers the the psychological aspects of user experience

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) covering the psychological aspects of human-computer interaction, state in their standard ISO 9241 that “user experience includes all the users’ emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physical and psychological responses, behaviours and accomplishments that occur before, during and after use.”


Many factors can influence your customer’s user experience

This demonstrates a point that many factors can influence your customer’s user experience. These factors can broadly be placed into three categories; a user’s state and previous experience; the properties of whatever system they’re engaged with (Website etc), and the usage context (the situation in how they are engaging).

When User Experience testing analyses representative users and reveals their working environments, their interactions and emotional reactions, the brand has a better chance of creating the perfect system environment for achieving more sales/engagement with their customers.


Is Green the Perfect User Experience?

The perception of the customer experience with your brand (offline as well as online), will affect your brand image.

That user experience can be broadcast off your radar creating a negative spiral of a decreasing customer base.

User experience can also change over time, new factors can appear which mean a certain function of your website or store no longer connects with customers and breaks the careful steps of the customer journey creating a disconnect.

Often where that ‘break’ is can be very difficult to identify.  All senior management know is sales are down and a clear reason why isn’t forthcoming.  This is where some form of user experience testing is required on a periodic basis.


UX Testing discovers the optimum way for customers to navigate your website

Website can fail with broken links, confusing phrases, poorly positioned ‘next’ buttons, long registration forms, phrases in headings, headlines and tags which don’t give immediate understanding to value and journey.

User Experience testing will discover which content is better suited to which customer segment you wish to target.

User Experience analysis will determine how to make content easy to find (good internal links from landing pages), which design layout generates greater click-through percentages and what leads to a faster page load (even what is the minimum page load time required for customers).


User Experience by YouCom Media

YouCom Media UX has found the following factors ensure continued customer website interaction;

  • The Content Factor: the right, good quality content will generate AIDA
  • The Navigation Factor: Careful positioning of buttons, next step commands, scroll bars, clearly identified journey paths to shorten the customer journey
  • The Speed Factor: Fast downloading, fast page loading, choosing the right content that achieves that goal
  • The Daisy Factor: A Daisy will only last a day or two without new water or sunshine. Google’s search spiders and customers will begin to find your website user experience less relevant to results the longer there is no new content or updated information


User Experience testing is affordable and vital.  It can be all-encompassing or target specific areas which you feel are creating a problem.  Contact Kelly in Account Services to learn more.


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AIDA – Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action

UX – User Experience


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