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TV Advertising ROI

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At YouCom Media we ask the question, ‘is TV advertising still relevant for good ROI?’.

Young Milan graphic designer, Kevin Niggeler, designed this above image to ask “how influenced are we by adverts on TV?”.

Well, the Television Bureau of Advertising and Knowledge Networks Inc. seems to think we still are, by reporting that 37 percent of those watching TV adverts will decide to buy something, compared to only 7 percent watching an advert on social networks.


Old Spice shows the success of good TV Advertising

Television ads have had to evolve however and are now something of an art form, utilising new technology and special effects.  They must convey many different kinds of emotions to sway your purchase patterns within just a few seconds.

A good TV advert has to tell a story in 30 seconds.  That’s tough to do.  Many are only 15 seconds and require real skill not just to art direct but also for the advertising agency to conceptualise.

In the Old Spice advert, they achieved a large spike in search trends during the adverts, but also there were more people searching for Old Spice 1-3 years after the campaign, than prior to the advertising campaign.


Hollywood’s top film directors began directing TV adverts to tell a story

Many of Hollywood’s top film directors like Ridley Scott, began directing TV adverts because to tell a story in 30 seconds allows them to hone their craft.

That makes TV adverts engage with consumers and deliver ROI.  Jessel Monteverde says “A good TV commercial provides a clear message for the promotion of product/service/brand. It reaches the maximum number of a specific target audience and rises above the clutter of ads. A great TV commercial offers the viewer some other value over and above just the promotion of the product/service/brand”.


47 percent use social media while watching TV Adverts meaning an integrated campaign is required

TV advertising must fight for every percentage of ROI with so many alternative platforms vying for consumer attention, but it is still a powerful centre-piece of any integrated multi-platform campaign.

According to a 30,000-strong study by market research firm Nielsen, 58 percent of respondents said they browse the internet while watching TV.

Another 47 percent said they are using social media while watching TV.


Brands need to run effective paid and organic search campaigns for online media

To make good ROI from TV advertising, brands need to run effective paid and organic search campaigns for online media.

Timing is everything.  Brands should increase their PPC bids for text ads and PLAs in the 30 minutes before and after their TV adverts go live to ensure brand exposure when consumers go to search for additional information.

People watching TV adverts mostly don’t remember the brand but they do remember the product need.

When they hit their tablet or iPhone, you want your product to be found and to link back to your TV advert imagery because this will create a memory link that increases the probability consumers click on your online result and not the competition.


A good PLA bid placement and PPC advert can link up nicely with your TV advert to maximise ROI from TV advertising

To produce good PLA results, remember that these reflect products and product categories, not keywords.  So here, brands will bid on a product and Google will decide which keywords are relevant when they decide whether or not to display your item in the search result page.

PLA’s appear at the top and top-right corner of search results.  A good PLA bid placement and PPC advert can link up nicely with your TV advert to maximise ROI from TV advertising.


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PLA – Product Listing Ads


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