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A Virtual tour of the pyramids is the best way to describe them and your brand is no different. Brands are increasingly using virtual tours / 360-degree tours to show their products and services.

On platforms like Google Places / Google My Business (GMB), a virtual tour has a direct correlation to sales enquiries making it a ‘direct response’ mechanism.

If you’re a brand who wants more Google reviews per store location, you should start with uploading a (good) virtual tour video to each store’s GMB panel.

To illustrate what we mean, here are some great virtual tours (including the Pyramids), for those of you currently stuck at home or trying to entertain/educate children.




London UK. National Portrait Gallery Virtual Tour

Click on the above image for our links to their virtual tour cameras and walk around the first portrait gallery in the world (1856).

You’ll see English Kings from the Tudor period, from 1485 through the reign of Henry VIII to his successors. Examples of 17th century and 18th century England await you in two separate virtual tours. Queen Victoria’s reign is along a corridor flanked by amazing sculptures of marble heads depicting the portraits behind them. And the Weldon Gallery of King George IV up to the death of King William IV in 1837 with its eerie centrepiece of marble heads forms the final virtual tour.

N.B. move the mouse slowly because they’re ultra-responsive.




Madrid, Spain. Virtual Tour of Man

Click on the above image for our links to virtual tour videos of Man (the Museo Arqueologico Nacional) in Madrid, Spain. Another old museum (1867), MAN displays pieces from the Iberian Peninsula with smaller collections from Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.

Different to the National Portrait Gallery of London, UK, this museum has created one single tour experience allowing you to walk through the entire museum (or use the scroll bar on the left to ‘jump’ to an exhibit of interest).

It is also advisable to move the mouse slowly for their virtual tour and look for the orange arrows to move ahead.




Paris, France. Virtual Tour of The Louvre

Click on the above image for our links to one of the oldest museums, officially opening in 1793 it was a former royal residence first built in approx. 1300AD.

You can see the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo just like 2.7million other visitors did in 2020. The entire collection is divided into eight curatorial departments: Egyptian Antiquities; Near Eastern Antiquities; Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities; Islamic Art; Sculpture; and the Decorative Arts.

This virtual tour is far less sensitive to navigation making it in our opinion more enjoyable to operate. A good example to brands wishing to offer a similar brand promoting customer experience.




New York, USA. Virtual Tour of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Click on the above image for our links to the 1870 fifth avenue collection of art and sculpture.

Unlike our other virtual tour examples, this American museum has created videos of the tours. The objective is the same; to give customers the experience of their services and products before visiting.

From that perspective brands could do likewise. However YouCom has monitored response rates from both versions and would steer brands towards the virtual tour style of the European museums.

These ‘videos’ give a good experience of; Neoclassical architecture; views over the Hudson river; and the fabled Temple of Dendur (15 BC) donated from Egypt to America in 1968.




Berlin, Germany. Virtual Tour of Museum Island

Click on the above image for our links to a series of Museums referred to as ‘Museum Island’. This has been collated by Google’s Arts and Culture project.

After clicking on the above image, click on the menu option ‘Explore’ and discover who was history’s most beautiful woman.

Click further on ‘What is Museum Island Berlin’ to see the many virtual tours. These include the beautiful baroque building of the Bode Museum, designed by Emperor Frederick III’s court architect Ernst von Ihne (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West only wish they could have a staircase and entrance hall as spectacular as this..).

Also incuding The Pergamon Museum that has the legendary Ishtar Gate of Babylon. Click on the white arrows of each virtual tour to move around (the mouse allows you to pan left and right but the arrows let you move forward).




Amsterdam, Holland Virtual Tour of The Rijksmuseum

Click on the above image for our links to The Rijksmuseum that houses many beautiful pieces by Vermeer as well as the famous Night Watch, painted by Rembrandt in 1642.

The Night Watch painting when viewed in-person mysteriously draws you in and the hand of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq (dressed in black, with a red sash) appears to be 3D in what must be the first example of such techniques (you feel you could shake hands!).

Take their virtual tour to see if it has the same effect for you ‘on-screen’.




Giza, Egypt. Virtual Tour of The Pyramids

Click on the above image for our links to the most impressive museum of all. The last remaining ancient wonder of the world has been captured by Google with their Google Maps technology but the result really is a life experience.

When taking the tour, imagine how capturing just a little of what you feel viewing it could transform the awareness of your brand. Contact our Direct Response team to learn more.


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