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Great Video Marketing

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73 percent of people are likely to purchase a product or service if they’ve watched a video explaining it beforehand.

Videos are increasing in popularity every day and with more smartphone usage than ever before, they look set to see exponential growth. Yet many advertisers do not have a video on their business directory listings for example (contact our Direct Response team for advice from their content marketing ideas).


Secrets of great video marketing



This is the hardest part for a brand, but if you begin creating video content, you’re already moving forward. Videos are a proven effective way for customers to remember your product and engage with your brand.



Graphic Savings

Animation videos look professional yet are a fraction of the cost of a top brand’s video budget.



YouTube and Vimeo are widely used. Others also exist which just like YouTube offer people the ability to search as they might on Google. Twitter is a great outlet for your video. Short clips work best using apps like Vine. More Info.




Popularity by association

If you can get a known celebrity to endorse your product or brand within your video, you gain instant access to their followers and fans. By that rationale it doesn’t have to be an A-list celebrity either (good luck with those), it could be a D-list celebrity. TOWIE stars are widely known within a particular demographic and will want the publicity that your product and advertising might bring.


Keep them short

People no longer have time for anything. Customers need to understand your marketing message within 2 minutes maximum. 30 seconds is ideal. Video is more an awareness and interest medium to direct traffic to your website or to call your company.


Social Media

Publishing the video on YouTube and Vimeo as previously mentioned is the first step, next you need to tell people about it. Social media with a Tweet link or on Facebook, is the ideal opportunity to do so and there are numerous advertising opportunities to promote your tweet or page to non-followers.


Cultural divide

Videos (particularly an animated video) won’t need a language option, anyone can view it. If necessary you could add local language captions later.



A boring video is just that, boring. How many customers are you likely to bring in if you only explain your product in the video? Create awareness, but most importantly create interest and desire to engage.


Life cycle

A video can last. Don’t be afraid to reuse it.


Copy cat

Don’t be afraid to copy something that’s working for another brand. Particularly if not in your sector. If The Priceless campaign emphasises MasterCard payment as the best way to pay for “everything that matters.” It is one of the most recognisable campaigns and has enabled MasterCard to build and maintain strong brand value and trust among consumers. Priceless ads run in 110 countries and in 51 languages, and focus on using a MasterCard card for what matters most in life. Has your sector got something similar?











The MasterCard Priceless platform houses everything from their renowned Priceless adverts to consumer-based card promotions and competitions. Once you have a successful video, use social media to assess traction and then utilise it within other media and merchandising, signage etc.


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A.I.D.A – Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action

TOWIE – The Only Way Is Essex


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