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21 November 2023

Boycott Cineworld

We begin the article by stating that to boycott a business must be an individual choice and that we have a declaration of bias since some of our employees invested £41,000 of their pension savings into Cineworld shares. That said, we think the idea some might have to boycott Cineworld speaks for itself.. Cineworld is […]

14 January 2022

Store Opening

A store opening requires good balancing skills. Often the retailer is new and has no existing marketing content. Even for existing brands who have pre-existing content and social media channels, it can be difficult to create the PR for a new store. After all, what is so exciting about a new premises where competitive markets […]

06 December 2021

Virtual Tour

A Virtual tour of the pyramids is the best way to describe them and your brand is no different.

01 November 2019

Personas Success

Gorillas have personality, you just need to get to know them. 

01 October 2019

Drip or Burst?

Speed is the question as often as it is the answer. 

01 September 2019

Brand Location

Many aspects of retail marketing vie for position of prominence.  But brand location has to be the most important decision-making factor. Marks & Spencer’s once had a property portfolio of £1.2bn where 96 percent were freehold assets.  Inevitably when a new CEO takes over and seeks a quick fix to problems of poor sales, they […]

31 July 2019

Yarn Bombing

Guerrilla Marketing is a form of advertising that can be highly effective. It is where a company uses unconventional and often unexpected interactions with the public that promote a product or service or brand. Yarn Bombing is one form of Guerrilla Marketing. In short it is where pre-crocheted squares or other large segments of material […]

07 July 2019

Promotion Marketing

Sales promotion is bigger in the UK than advertising often with engaging replica items used to promote the product being sold (such as Transformers, The Last Knight pictured here). Sales promotion is a ‘below-the-line’ activity used with customers, distributors and suppliers as well as with the company’s own staff/salesforce. Promotions can be used for both […]

01 December 2018

Review Marketing

Deloitte state that 81% of people read a review and check ratings. Consumers have more information available to them than ever before with specialist apps and directories. To overcome this, brands have been using social media to pull consumers toward their products. But when it comes to trust, many people prefer to turn to their […]

01 November 2018

Packaging Sex

With many retail outlets now automated (think the Costa Coffee machines in service stations), packaging becomes your sales person and your advertising.  Good packaging creates a personality to the brand and creates a link with the buyer. Brand association is also achievable with packaging design.  The square foil wrappers of Durex condoms for example make […]

08 July 2018

User Experience

Brands live or die by user experience.  User Experience is how consumers interact with your brand on your website or social media site (or indeed interaction in any form). Brands often turn to agencies for user experience testing, finding that something as simple as where a ‘buy’ button or ‘next’ button is positioned, can make […]

01 June 2018

Buyer Behaviour 2

All is not quite what it seems when brands look at the consumers of their products.

20 May 2018

CRM Too Personal?

When are brands saying too much?  Customer relationship management (CRM) is about retention and lifecycle value. Brands want to keep their customers and help them spend more. Retention marketing is a skill using different marketing messages. It is something brands do in-house with or without the help of an advertising agency. The key to CRM […]

01 April 2018

Media ROI

When you put in the effort, you want to see that it’s rewarded.  You want Return-on-Investment. ROI is an analysis of what is invested, how it is invested and what you gain from that investment. Marketing managers and brands who run marketing plans without full ROI analysis risk diminished or negative ROI as a result […]

25 March 2018

Brand Marketing

Our client’s advertising has shown that return on investment has a direct correlation to a product’s market share. So, a product with a larger market share will deliver better ROI than a product with a smaller market share. There are exceptions when a small brand can generate higher ROI than those with greater brand presence, […]

06 February 2018

Crocodile Dundee

The son of an Australian legend. Returns home. Brian. Son of Mick Dundee.   Thirty years after Mick Dundee, played by Paul Hogan, brought Australia to movie going audiences worldwide, Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride star in a sequel. Marketing communications and advertising works best on the AIDA model. To gain awareness and interest in […]

17 January 2018

Data Marketing

At YouCom Media, we know that the secret to the highest ROI is data.  A database is more than just a list of personal detail.  A brand will gather quality informative data on each prospect/customer for tailored data-marketing communications. The letter you receive in the post with your name on, the gardening catalogue where on […]

14 November 2017

Buyer Behaviour

The first stage for any agency drafting a marketing communications strategy is to identify, research and ensure understanding of the brand’s target market together with their buyer behaviour. Buyer behaviour is not as simple as you might think.  Brands cannot simply choose an audience and think they know how to communicate with them.  Buyers respond […]

10 September 2017

Communications Theory

Communicating a message effectively has far-reaching implications.  During World War II, archive records indicate a mistake in translating a message sent by the Japanese government may have led to the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima.  The word ‘mokusatsu’ used in response to the US surrender ultimatum was translated as ‘ignore’ instead of the correct translation […]

02 August 2017

Hospitality Marketing

Hospitality is a collection of supplementary services that adds value to a purchase by treating customers like guests, providing amenities that anticipate the person’s needs during their interaction with the service/product provider. Hospitality marketing ensures employees treat customers as guests, greeting them with pleasure when meeting them for the first time and when old customers […]

01 July 2017

Digital Behaviour

To meet performance targets and objectives, marketers must understand consumer’s digital behaviour.  Are your customers spending more time on their tablets or their smartphones?  On their desktops or their laptops? Despite all the media coverage about how consumers like instant news wherever they are, computers still count for 66 percent of the time spent by […]

13 June 2017

TV Advertising ROI

At YouCom Media we ask the question, ‘is TV advertising still relevant for good ROI?’. Young Milan graphic designer, Kevin Niggeler, designed this above image to ask “how influenced are we by adverts on TV?”. Well, the Television Bureau of Advertising and Knowledge Networks Inc. seems to think we still are, by reporting that 37 […]

26 May 2017

Facebook Moderation

What constitutes animal cruelty? Most people have a pretty good idea.  It seems Facebook policies on violence, non-sexual child abuse and animal abuse indicate a desire to allow freedom of expression whilst at the same time banning horrific images. However, their own moderators tend to remove content ‘upon report only’.  This means that distressing content […]

11 April 2017

Michael Kors Campaign

  On the 12th May 2016, Michael Kors opened their biggest store in Europe on Regents Street, London.  For the first time there is now a men’s product range in-store.  YouCom Media looked at the marketing on offer from past campaigns and devised a course of action for how to take product marketing of fashion […]

23 March 2017

YouTube Space

One of these two vloggers would rather be somewhere else…  Well now they can with the recent launch of YouTube’s “Space” for promising vlogger stars.  YouTube took two years to build a 20,000 sq. ft. facility inside Google’s Headquarters at Pancras Square.  For the next generation of Zoella’s, YouTube Space will give them access to […]

11 January 2017

Generation Z attention spans

For Marketing staff to reach their audience effectively it is necessary to categorise people into age groupings.  Here is a brief history about the list of generations leading up to Generation Z;   The Lost Generation Also known as the Generation of 1914.  This is the age group who fought in World War I. The […]

05 May 2016

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing is the choice of every brand.  It’s fun, engaging and low budget versus other channels.  There is some risk involved, but it is often surpassed by the results (and of course outweighed by a huge budget saving).   Wikipedia catalogs it as an advertisement strategy concept designed for businesses to promote their products […]

05 March 2016

Digital Signage

The multi-location retailer GAME has become the latest brand to announce a move into digital signage to achieve engagement with its customers. This is because animated digital media signage creates double the level of engagement to ordinary media.   The APS Group ran a survey on 1.6million high street consumers and identified that almost twice […]

09 February 2016


Summerland is coming to the UK.  Summer is a 27 day festival developed by the team behind Glastonbury Festival’s naughty corner and is expected to run at a secret location in London   The organisers of Summerland hope to create a holiday getaway in the capital equipped with a jungle, waterfalls, hot tubs and […]

25 January 2016

Paid To Walk. Bitwalking

Imagine being paid to walk.  Every time you walk to the shops, walk to work, walk to school, walk anywhere, someone pays you money.  Well that’s what Nissan Bahar and Franky Imbesi have created and it’s taking the world by storm.   Their mobile app counts and verifies each step you take, earning the walker […]

29 November 2015

World Connected

Everyone is now a publisher. There are billions of pieces of information and posts put online every second. In turn, businesses and brands are creating more content than ever before in an effort to cut through the already crowded noise of content.   Because the solution seems to be to create yet more content, YouCom […]

12 August 2015

Great Video Marketing

73 percent of people are likely to purchase a product or service if they’ve watched a video explaining it beforehand. Videos are increasing in popularity every day and with more smartphone usage than ever before, they look set to see exponential growth. Yet many advertisers do not have a video on their business directory listings […]

02 July 2015

Waze Data marketing

Waze is a geo-navigation app for smartphones and tablets. It provides real-time traffic updates generated by users. Crowdsourced data seems to be the modern trend and is a sure cheaper way of populating an app or website. Waze was created in Israel, funded by an American venture capital firm Bluerun Ventures, and as is the […]

03 June 2015

Data Dead-Drops

You’ve just found data you shouldn’t have access to. Men in grey suits are coming to kill you. What do you do? YouCom identified a new viral craze with the answer. Data dead-drops. Imagine the scene. Highly sensitive files, the sort of data that Hollywood tells us attracts men in grey suits ready to kill. […]

07 February 2015

Premiership TV Ads

With the 2016-19 Premier League broadcast rights selling for a record £5billion and those costs expected to be passed on to advertisers, we ask the question; when will brands stop advertising? On the 10th February 2015, a fierce bidding war ensued between Sky Sports and BT Sport for broadcast rights to the English Premier League. […]

07 January 2015

Local Search since ’96

We examine the trends and the places for B2C advertisers to be focusing in 2015. Where will consumers be most receptive to advertising? The face of local search engines has changed a lot over the last 18 years. The above infographic shows interesting patterns of websites that have come and gone but also patterns of […]